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Tire Jump

SKU: TJ6272

This fun obstacle is one of our most popular items!  With an inflatable tire that is height adjustable and a carry bag to store everything, this jump cannot be beat!

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- Consists of a metal frame and a plastic inflatable tire.
- The tire is attached to the frame by ropes (included) so that it will not fall if the dog hits it.
- The heights of the tire are adjustable.
- The jump comes with two tires of different diameters (inside measure), one 20" and one 22".
- The frame folds up and the entire jump fits into a carry bag (included).
- Easy setup and take down.
- Conforms to USDAA and NADAC standards.
- Equipment weighs a total of 20 Lbs.
- You will receive 1 box in the shipment.
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