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Space Saving Double Bar Jump

Double bar jump for small to medium dogs, or use in small spaces.
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Total Price: $82.50
- Compact design makes it convenient to pack, store, and transport in a snap
- Consists of 4 36" posts and 2 parallel PVC bars.
- Works great for dogs of all sizes and agility levels.
- Posts are made with metal for sturdiness and durability. Price very competitive with those made with PVC pipes but quality is far superior.
- Jumps can expand to either 2' or 4' (applicable to small jumps).
- Posts are connected using an "accordian"-style hinge.
- The height of the bar is adjustable. Height indicator marked on poles.
- Span of the jump or distance between the 2 bars can also be adjusted.
- The set takes less than 5 minutes to set up and even less to take down.
- The entire jump set fits into a carry bag which is included.
- Conforms to USDAA and NADAC standards.
- Available in 3 colors.
- Wings can be purchased separately.
- Equipment weighs a total of 30 Lbs.

- You will receive 1 box in the shipment.

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